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HF 4300 - "Safe" Storage Bill

What it Does

  • This revised “safe storage” bill is different than the bill heard in 2023.  This will create a requirement to store firearms when they are outside of one’s direct physical control by securing them with a locking device or in a “locked firearm storage unit”.

  • Unlike the 2023 bill, this bill does not require firearms to be stored unloaded and separate from their ammunition.

  • Violations range from a gross misdemeanor to a felony – and can result in one becoming a prohibited person who is not allowed to possess firearms or ammunition.

Read the Bill Text

Bill HF 3813

Description Use of lead ammunition when hunting prohibited; sale, manufacture, and use of lead tackle prohibited; nontoxic ammunition performance standard established for shooting sports facilities; n

regarding the proposed bill HF 4300

This response was sent to Ellen, Please consider this email, written testimony regarding the proposed bill HF 4300 - "Safe" Storage Bill. First, safe storage is paramount i


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