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regarding the proposed bill HF 4300

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Please consider this email, written testimony regarding the proposed bill HF 4300 - "Safe" Storage Bill.

First, safe storage is paramount in the minds of responsible gun owners.  Responsible gun owners understand safe storage.  Therefore, this law is unnecessary and could actually be detrimental to responsible law-abiding gun owners.  The detrimental effect of this bill reflects that regulations contemplated here cannot possibly anticipate all possible situations for safe storage.  The unintended consequence of such a bill is that the law-abiding gun owner is put in legal jeopardy while acting responsibly and safely.  Bills like this, while reflecting good intentions, actually can have the opposite effect. 

For example, how does a responsible law-abiding gun owner store his or her gun when in an ambulance when being cared for under an emergency situation that requires removing the gun from the person?  This is just one illustration of how the owner may be put in legal jeopardy because he or she was not able to comply with the "letter of the law" at that time.  He or she may communicate with personnel to do the best they can to store the weapon under the circumstance.  Trying to contemplate all possible scenarios in the law is foolish. 

We need simpler and fewer laws and not more complicated ones piled on the many laws already on the books.  This creates an additional burden on law-abiding gun owners and as a result, chips away at their liberty.  

Anthony Deveaux



Bill HF 3813

Description Use of lead ammunition when hunting prohibited; sale, manufacture, and use of lead tackle prohibited; nontoxic ammunition performance standard established for shooting sports facilities; n

HF 4300 - "Safe" Storage Bill

What it Does This revised “safe storage” bill is different than the bill heard in 2023.  This will create a requirement to store firearms when they are outside of one’s direct physical control by secu


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