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The Omnibus Tax Bill and the Democrats Force their Agenda

What a mess once again.

Only two things made it through this time.

A ban on binary triggers and increased penalties on straw purchases.

The fallowing below did not pass.

Magazine Bans

Semi-Automatic firearm ban

Library and Recreation Center bans

Safe Storage

Mental Health Tests

Liability Insurance

Transfer Bans on Semi-Autos

Gun Owner Licensing

Carry Bans

Lost and Stolen Reporting

18-20 year old Minnesotans Gun Bans

Firearm Registration

Preemption Repeal

HF 2609 - the Binary Trigger Ban Bill

HF 2609 - the Binary Trigger Ban Bill, which also includes language increasing the straw purchasing penalty to a felony, passed on a 71-59 vote. We oppose this bill. Now the bill will move to the Minn

HF 4300 - Mandatory "Safe" Storage

HF 4300 - Mandatory "Safe" Storage passed after a nearly 11 1/2 hour floor debate and multiple attempts by the GOP to remove provisions in the bill. The final vote was 68-64. We oppose this bill. No


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