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HF 2609 - the Binary Trigger Ban Bill

HF 2609 - the Binary Trigger Ban Bill, which also includes language increasing the straw purchasing penalty to a felony, passed on a 71-59 vote.

We oppose this bill.

Now the bill will move to the Minnesota Senate where it will be voted on there. If it passes the senate, you bet your bottom dollar Walz will sign it into law. If it is to be law it will go into effect January 1st 2025. We will be forced to no longer sell them after that point, so feel free to get them while you still can.

Thank you to Black Diamond Armory for supporting us and getting the word out to more. Please consider shopping local small business the next time you are in the market for a custom AR or any other firearm.

HF 4300 - Mandatory "Safe" Storage

HF 4300 - Mandatory "Safe" Storage passed after a nearly 11 1/2 hour floor debate and multiple attempts by the GOP to remove provisions in the bill. The final vote was 68-64. We oppose this bill. No

two new bills just added

SF 5153 Description Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Violent Crime Enforcement Teams gun trafficking investigations and firearms seizures report requirement, trigger activator definition modificati


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